Welcome to Rangebaits


Rangebaits was founded by Justin Shields, who has been making baits since the Mid 80's for himself and friends. He then decided to start Rangebaits, a company based in Maidstone, Kent that makes carp baits for carp fishermen at a great price without fancy advertising and with revolutionary attractors, such as pre-digested fish liquids and other bio attractors etc. Along with our successful base mixes and rolled boilies we have also developed our own range of pop up mixes. We can supply all our popular mixes to you rolled, or if you prefer we can supply as dry ingredients.

Along with our popular dry mixes we can also supply numerous dry mix ingredients along with pellet (halibut, trout, coarse), flavours and various high attract oils – please do ask if you can’t find what you want on the website.

We provide consultancy services to a number of companies helping them to develop top quality carp baits and attractors. We have a vast range of different ingredients and attractors available to us of the highest quality available and strive to improve our boilies year after year. We believe that we have produced a range of carp bait that not only consistently catches fish, but also is of nutritionally benefit to them. We pride ourselves on sourcing the highest quality ingredients and combine with the use of fresh eggs to deliver a truly excellent fresh bait (frozen). Please do give us a call - Justin does like a chat about fishing and will be more than happy to discuss your needs or give general advice. Better still pop into the shop and come and see our growing range of tackle, not to mention our array of bait - have a chat and if we’re not too busy stay for a cuppa!

As well as developing our own line of Rangebaits we also offer rolling services to companies based both in the UK and abroad.

All trade enquiries are welcome.